F.R.A.S – A.W.I

Desiree trained formally in visual art and has painted full time since 1984 in various countries. Her work can be found in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Europe, the UK, The USA and Mexico.

She is an active and prolific artist, served on many art society committees, tutored painting, donated work to charitable organizations, won awards, executed private commissions, contributed widely to art magazines and newsletters and was a founder member of Combined Arts Society and Portrait Artists Australia.

Essentially a landscape painter, Desiree worked extensively with local Australian landscape. Her focus however returned to figurative and portraiture work looking at the deeper subtleties of these genres and their parallels to landscape.

1986 Arrive Sydney Australia. Exhibit widely in collective shows, and teach painting over the next ten years.

1996 Arrive Auckland, New Zealand.

1997 Travel throughout NZ painting.

1998 ‘New Zealand, a Journey’ Studio of Contemporary Art, Auckland.

1999 Collective shows in and around Auckland.

2000 Arrive back in Sydney Australia.

2001 Featured in Australian Artist Magazine, March. Several selective exhibitions, Royal Art Society NSW.

2002 Finalist Dough Moran Portrait Prize. ‘Venice’ Studio of Contemporary Art, Auckland, NZ. Selective exhibitions, RAS.

2003 ‘Three Artist Show’, Sydney. Selective exhibitions, RAS.

2004 ‘Venice’ L’Incontro, North Sydney. Selective exhibitions, RAS. Australian Watercolour Institute, Mosman Gallery. Rosslyn Gallery, New Zealand.

2005 ‘Bella Vista’ Canvas Gallery, Bondi. ‘North to South’ Canvas Gallery Bondi. AWI Gosford Regional Gallery. Selective exhibitions, RAS. Rosslyn Gallery, New Zealand.

2006 Paint away Greece. Selective exhibitions, RAS.

2007 Michael Commerford Gallery, Rushcutters Bay, Sydney. Paint away, Europe. Selective annual exhibitions, RAS.
Desiree was the inaugural art editor of the travel magazine, Arrivals and Departures, published in May 2005.

2008 January: Invited to join the Australian Watercolour Institute.
June: Exhibition at the Blue Door Art Studio, Rushcutters Bay, Sydney.
AWI 85th Annual Exhibition, Mosman Art Gallery.

2009 March: State Parliament House, Sydney.
She enjoys travel and painting en plain-air, with a preference to the subtle quality of Mediterranean light where she works for a few weeks every European summer. Otherwise Desiree works from her studio in Darlinghurst, Sydney.

2009 August: Solo exhibition ‘Karavakia’ Old Harbour, Spetses, Greece.

2009 October: Solo exhibition ‘Summer Light’, Melina Mercouri Centre, Hydra, Greece.

2010 Feb: Finalist Shanghai International Watercolour Biennial Exhibition. Exhibition with AWI, Gosford Regional Gallery. Watercolour demonstration Gosford Regional Gallery. Exhibition AWI Wollongong City Gallery.

2011 April: Spoleto, Italy. Dyptich for Spoleto Public Hospital. October: Exhibition Melina Mercouri Centre, Hydra, Greece. ‘Sketchbooking’ demonstration Gosford Regional Gallery.

2012: Autumn Exhibition RAS. Drawing and painting in Umbria, Italy. Hydra, Greece, at ‘The Painter’s House’, writing and painting. ‘The Painter’s House’ opens for painting and writing workshops including retreats. Return to Sydney.

2013: Submit to RAS and AWI. March: Travel to Umbria, Italy for drawing and painting. April: Island of Hydra, Greece. ‘The Painter’s House’ open for workshops and retreats. June: Exhibition Melina Mercouri Cultural Centre. Exhibit with AWI, Gosford Regional Gallery. Exhibit Hydra Melina Mercouri Centre. Ink and water colour sketching, produce booklet and calendar.
Drawing, New York Art League. NYC.

Exhibit with AWI, Gosford Regional Gallery.
Solo exhibition Spoleto, Italy during the cultural event Festival dei due Mondi.
Summer Exhibition Hydra.
Watercolour teaching, Royal Caribbean Cruises. Sketching South Pacific islands, Tasmania and New Zealand.

Exhibit with AWI, Juniper Hall Paddington Sydney.
Sketch/paint Sydney, Italy, Greece. Teaching, Royal Caribbean Cruises. Sketching South Pacific islands, Tasmania port of calls, New Zealand.
Summer exhibition, Hydra.
Open studio painting, London, UK.

Exhibit with AWI, Juniper Hall, Sydney.
Solo exhibition Hydra.
Sketching Umbria, Tuscany, Greek mainland and islands.

Summer group exhibition, Hydra, Greece.
Summer solo exhibition, ‘Moonlit’ Hydra, Greece.
Tutoring and painting workshops Hydra and Spetses, Greece.
Sketchbooking landscape, Italy and Greece.
Australian Watercolour Institute Annual Exhibition Paddington, Sydney.
Sketchbooking Sydney environment.

En-plain air painting Hunter Valley, NSW.
Summer group exhibition, Hydra Greece.
Summer solo exhibition Melina Mercouri Centre, Hydra, Greece.
En-plain air painting and sketchbooking Montefalco and Spolety, Italy.
En-plein air workshops and sketch booking Saronic islands, Greece.
AWI Annual Exhibition, Paddington, Sydney.
Sketch booking Sydney beaches.

‘Wish You Were Here’ Fred Hollows Charity postcard exhibition ME.Gallery St Leonards, Sydney

Desiree is a Fellow of the RAS and a member of the Australian Watercolour Institute. She is based in Sydney and travels with a preference for Europe, drawing, painting and writing.